The Nouveau Classical Project: Sacred Profane

The Nouveau Classical Project

Friday, March 10, 2017. 8PM
Sacred Profane The Nouveau Classical Project
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Please note: the venue for this event has changed. This event is now at The Clarice in the Kogod Theatre.  

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Sensitive Subject, Adult Subject Matter & Strong Language

“Classical music is dead” might seem like an odd slogan for a classical music ensemble, but The Nouveau Classical Project (NCP) has never been much for coloring inside the lines. Throwing away convention and enthusiastically embracing new kinds of audiences, NCP collaborates with designers and thrives at the intersection of fashion and art. Sacred-Profane explores a range of human polarity, pulling at loose strings until it unravels in a fitful explosion of profanity.

“Bringing a refreshing edge to the widely conservative genre ... NCP's work makes a stage for finding nuance in rigid categories.” – Vice

This performance of The Nouveau Classical Project is funded in part by The Randy Hostetler Living Room Music Project and Fund and the Amphion Foundation.