Soo Hyun (Andy) Moon: Goose Father & Immigration Nests

Soo Hyun (Andy) Moon: Goose Father & Immigration Nests

September 15 - 16, 2017
Principal People: 

Tasiana Paolisso, curator

Event Attributes

In these two projection art installations, personal and global immigration experiences are visually represented on a grand scale.

Goose Father
Goose Father (n) - A man who works in his native country while his wife and children stay in an English-speaking country for the sake of his children's education. 
Goose Father depicts a conversation between a father and a son separated by the sea. The father tries to connect with his son, but the son can’t see past the father’s absence in his daily life. He doesn’t consider how hard his father is working to support his family, or how lonely he must feel, or how exhausted he must be. Goose Father echoes the artist’s harrowing memory of his own past.

Immigration Nests
Immigration Nests turns hard data about immigration to the United States and visualizes it as breathtaking birds alighting from their nests. The data is sourced from immigrant websites, forums that contain stories of immigration and personal stories from the artist’s community. As time goes on, more and more nests are added to paint the once blank canvas into one filled with colors.