Love and Information

Love and Information

November 10 - 18, 2017
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By Caryl Churchill

Directed by Jennifer L. Nelson

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Someone can’t get a signal. Friends debate the existence of God. A man has a secret. A scientist dissects a brain. A person is in love and that love can’t be reciprocated. Experiencing this kaleidoscope of vignettes is like watching a stranger’s Snapchats – the characters may be unfamiliar and unrelated to each other, but the emotions are instantly recognizable. In this relentlessly paced serio-comedy, celebrated British playwright Caryl Churchill asks how our infinite access to inspiring, mundane, crucial, insignificant information affects how we connect to each other – and ourselves.

“It’s all about individuals trying to connect with and understand one another — ultimately in vain perhaps, but that’s just what makes such daily struggles heroic.” – The New York Times