_Face: The after-life of racial masquerade


The after-life of racial masquerade
Friday, March 3, 2017. 9AM
Octoroon Image
An Octoroon at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, July 2017 / Photo credit: Scott Suchman

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____Face symposium is a daylong scholarly and performance event examining the history and cultural reverberations of racial masquerade. Specifically, the symposium looks to flip the script on past research that considers racial masquerade as a means of white identity formation, instead highlighting how scholars and artists of color engage with and subvert the performance technologies of black, red, yellow, brown, and whiteface as they have traveled across time, idiom, sense, and medium. 

The day will consist of three invited lectures, a moderated roundtable discussion, and selected scenes from WOOLLY MAMMOTH THEATRE COMPANY'S upcoming July 2017 production of Branden Jacobs-Jenkins' An Octoroon. Confirmed event speakers include BRIAN HERRERA (Princeton University), SOYICA DIGGS COLBERT (Georgetown University), and JOSHUA TAKANO CHAMBERS-LETSON (Northwestern University).

Registration recommended: https://go.umd.edu/_face