Washington International Youth Spring Festival

Washington International Youth Spring Festival

Shining Young Stars
Saturday, February 6, 2016 . 7PM
Washington Cathay Future Center
Washington Cathay Future Center photo by Jack Yan
Principal People: 

Tianjin Cathay Future Children's Art Troupe, China L'Etoile The Russian Ballet Academy of Maryland THAPASYA SCHOOL OF DANCE

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2 hours
One intermission
Program Notes: 

Tianjin Cathay Future Children's Art Troupe, China China Tianjin Cathay Future Children's Art Troupe was founded in May 1995, which is one of the largest children's art troupes of the most art categories and largest number of actors in China. The troupe has 10 branches, and there are 800 little actors in it. In 2001, the art troupe was nominated as “Chinese Children's Art Troupe of Friendship” by Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries. The Cathay Future Children’s Art Troupe successfully fulfilled the “Global Performing Tour Program”, giving one thousand performances in one hundred countries, starting from Indonesia in 1995 and ending in Qatar in 2013.

Over the past 22 years, children of the Cathay Future have traveled 2,291,725 km and set their feet on 410 cities and towns worldwide with 380 performing items, a length they have covered in their global tour equivalent to 57 complete revolutions of the earth. Heads of state of 36 countries hugged these kids, more than 200,000 Chinese nationals and overseas Chinese have looked up to the future of China from these kids, millions of foreign audiences have got to know Tianjin through these performances and tens of thousands of media reports around the world have covered the Global Performing Tour.

Cathay children have left their footprint in over 30 SOS children villages, orphanages and also remote corners of Africa. Like a peace dove with an olive branch in its mouth, Cathay Future has flied to other countries bringing with it a message of friendship of Tianjin people to other nations around the world and has left behind it a shining name card of Tianjin.

No wonder, Cathay Future children have been regarded by friends around the world as Angels of Peace and Friendship.