RESCHEDULED: NextLOOK: Clown Cabaret

NextLOOK: Clown Cabaret

Friday, February 5, 2016 . 7PM
Clown Cabaret
Clown Cabaret photo by Second Glance Photography

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Clown is an evolving art form which celebrates a universal sense of fun. Through performance, workshops, and audience interaction, Clown Cabaret keeps the tradition alive with laughter. During the company’s NextLOOK residency, they will continue developing their newest work.

In The Heist, a trio of menacing gangsters conspires to execute the Greatest Robbery of the 21st Century: a piggy bank. A film noir motif carries the story without dialogue, making the show accessible to audiences regardless of language or age. The Heist is a robust physical comedy, with nods to both high and low art ranging from French Surrealism to Bugs Bunny.