ODC Dance: Stay In One Place workshop

ODC Dance: Stay In One Place workshop

Thursday, January 28, 2016 . 3:30PM
Stay In One Place
Special Announcement: 

This workshop has been moved from the Rever Rehearsal Studio to Dance Studio 2. 

One of Andy Goldsworthy’s books, HAND TO EARTH, speaks of the importance of staying in one place. He asks us to stop and observe…to notice where we are. If we arrive upon a stone once covered with yellow leaves and when we see it again, only the side is covered, we know that time has passed and we have missed some things.

Andy’s work asks us to be present and to notice change. Stay in One Place takes place in four parts: in a contained area identified by the artist/instructor as the “working area.” (outside; a plaza, a hillside, a garden… or inside- a lobby, a cafeteria, in-door garden.) The first two parts of the workshop focus on observing and developing a relationship to “a place”. (observing the light, the elements, the flow, the sound). The third part is generative, participants interact and build something in that “place”. The fourth is performative and reflective. This workshop is open to the public.

It is free of charge, but registration is encouraged by emailing engage.theclarice@umd.edu