NextLOOK: Swing (OFF-SITE)

NextLOOK: Swing

Friday, April 15, 2016 . 7PM
Swing photo by Kintz Photography
Principal People: 

Alana Cole-Faber, Mara Neimanis and Kirsty Little

Event Attributes

Aerial artists Alana Cole-Faber (UpSpring Studio, Mt Rainier, MD), Mara Neimanis (In-Flight Theater, Baltimore, MD) and Kirsty Little (The Wrong Size, London, UK) pool their talents to create Swing.

Swing is a performance-in-progress combining aerial choreography with community voices to create fresh, honest aerial movement integrated with the audience’s own stories. Swing will examine what the word “swing” sparks in the imaginations of community members in order to devise narratives for an aerial performance. The aim is to fly the community's stories so the audience can actually see themselves reflected in flight.