InnovatorTalk: Art and Community Development (OFF-SITE)

InnovatorTalk: Art and Community Development

Saturday, February 20, 2016 . 1PM
City Blossoms mural
City Blossoms mural
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Lola Bloom/City Blossoms

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3 hours

City Blossoms is a non-profit organization working out of the Washington DC area dedicated to kid-driven, community engaging, creative green spaces. In this workshop, Lola Bloom, UMD alum, will talk about her work with City Blossoms, an organization she co-founded, that connects communities through interdisciplinary methods of environmental education, holistic health, and artistic expression. The spaces created with City Blossoms are kid-driven and incorporate concepts from installation and performance art in order to stay vibrant and sustainable. After a group discussion on successful practices in community arts, participants will collaborate in a hands-on exercise in the style of City Blossoms.

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