Earth Pearl Collective: We Be Dat

Earth Pearl Collective: We Be Dat

Friday, September 9 . 11-11:45PM
We Be Dat - NextNow Fest 2016

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45 minutes

What happens when the women behind the scenes of social justice movements make their way to the forefront? We Be Dat is an interactive theatre experience set in an underground community rally. Experience an up close and personal look at the women at the core of social justice movements. Participate as a concerned community member, an angry business owner or perhaps a reporter! You choose your role and see where it leads you. Will you stand on the sidelines and watch or will you be moved to take action?

The phrase “we be dat” is derived from the ebonic vernacular, meaning, this is who we are or what we stand for. We Be Dat is a world premiere devised work produced by Earth Pearl Collective.

Iman is an interdisciplinary artist who challenges preconceived notions of marginalized identities through theater, dance, poetry, song and photography. She founded Earth Pearl Collective, a queer womyn of color effort to empower, educate and promote a queer feminist aesthetic of social activism through the arts.