Creative Dialogue: LibraryTalk - Flash In Time: Discussing D.C. Punk Fanzines

Creative Dialogue: LibraryTalk

Flash in Time: Discussing D.C. Punk Fanzines
Thursday, April 7, 2016 . 5:30PM
Principal People: 

Scott Crawford
Patrick Foster
Amanda Huron
Farrah Skeiky

Event Attributes

Flash In Time: Discussing D.C. Punk Fanzines brings together participants in the underground fanzine culture that has been an important part of Washington, D.C.’s punk scene since the 1970s. Panelists include fanzine creators from throughout the timeline of D.C. punk zines: Scott Crawford ( Metrozine fanzine, 1980s), Patrick Foster ( Sweet Portable You fanzine,1980s-2000s), Amanda Huron (Brickthrower fanzine,1990s) and Farrah Skeiky (Strawberry Dreams fanzine, 2010s). Panelists will discuss why and how they created their fanzines, as well as provide insight into how their experiences with fanzines have impacted their other creative pursuits and careers. Following a 60-75 minute panel discussion and Q&A, there will be a screening of several short features culled from the outtakes of "Punk The Capital," the forthcoming D.C. punk documentary by James Schneider and Paul Bishow. This event is inspired by Special Collection in Performing Arts’ (SCPA) D.C. Punk and Indie Fanzine Collection. SCPA intends to have several examples from the collection on display at the event, as well as posters and other materials that describe and illustrate the history of D.C. punk fanzines.