Benjamin Graney Green: Soundware

Benjamin Graney Green: Soundware

Friday, September 9 . 6-9PM & Saturday, September 10 . 6-8PM
Soundware - NextNOW Fest 2016

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Tune in to the sounds around you with Soundware, an augmented reality device that edits sound in real time. Soundware accentuates sounds that are unconsciously blocked out or ignored every day, emphasizing how important they actually are to well-being, sensory experiences and general navigation of the world. Emerging from this experience, listeners may have a better awareness of the sounds around them, and how it might affect their daily lives. Users can check out a headset to use independently, or enjoy a live-mixed experience.

Presented in partnership with UMD Design Cultures + Creativity, this capstone project is created by UMD student Benjamin Graney Green. For more information about Soundware, visit