Alfredo Rodriguez Trio

Alfredo Rodriguez Trio

Friday, April 1, 2016 . 7 & 9PM
Alfredo Rodriguez photo by Miguel Elizalde
Principal People: 

Piano Alfredo Rodriguez

Bass Peter Slavov

Drums Henry Cole

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1 hour and 10 minutes

Since his arrival in the US from Cuba in 2009, pianist Alfredo Rodríguez has exploded onto the scene with a unique sound steeped in the traditions of his home country and his early training as a classical pianist. Called “one of the most prolific and gifted jazz pianists of the 21st century” by Quincy Jones, this young dynamo demonstrates an elegant yet explosive technique as well as a talent for finding emotional truth in the split-second fall of a piano key.

Rodríguez loves to improvise; he can ad-lib his way from traditional Cuban son and modern jazz to Bartók and Iranian popular tunes in a manner that suggests Art Tatum by way of Ernesto Lecuona. Rodríguez comes to The Clarice with Peter Slavov on bass and Henry Cole on drums.

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Video of Alfredo Rodriguez performing “The Invasion Parade”