The Weekday Players: Original Works Project 2015

The Weekday Players

Original Works Project 2015
Wednesday, May 6, 2015 . 7:30PM
Be Original
Artwork provided by The Weekday Players

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1 hour and 30 minutes including intermissions
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Recommended for ages 15+

An evening of eight short plays, entirely written and produced by student artists.

  • Crash by Aidan Walsh; Directed by Matt Coonley
  • Last Dance by Riley Bartlebaugh; Directed by Jenny Geiger
  • Lawson Boxes by Sam Mauceri; Directed by Philip Peker
  • Long Island Expressway by Andrew Richard; Directed by Cecile Brulé
  • Martyr by Shuping Yang; Directed by Sam Mauceri
  • Meditations by Paige Goodwin; Directed by Philip Peker
  • My Roommate John by Riley Bartlebaugh, Jimmy Stubbs, & Brandon Deane; Directed by Claudia Goyco
  • Take My Hand by Heather Gibson; Directed by Heather Gibson

Featuring: Arshdeep Arora, Ryan Berlin, Cecile Brulé, JJ Chung, Matt Coonley, Omar DeBrew, Karen Dolle, Mark Fletcher, Cristina Gregory, Ken Johnson, Erin Kemp, Ashlyn Lee, Gabe Gabriel Macedo, Sam Mauceri, Mikala Nuccio, Abigail Wasserman

The Weekday Players are a student-run theatre company at the University of Maryland dedicated to creating compelling art and providing an outlet for students to produce theatre.