VOX & Yang: "We Are Here" Charity Concert

VOX A Capella & Ms. Fang-Yi Yang

"We Are Here" Charity Concert
Saturday, September 26, 2015 . 2PM
Fang-Yi Yang and VOX A Capella
Image provided by Tzu Chi Foundation, USA

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2 hours with no intermission

Watch Tzu Chi's video about their upcoming events while discovering the many ways that Tzu Chi is helping people across America and globally: With medical outreach, disaster relief, programs for the homeless as well as low-income families, and more.

為募集慈善基金,慈濟美國總會邀請到目前台灣最熱門的純人聲(A Cappella)演唱團體─VOX玩聲樂團,全美巡迴演唱。金韻獎民歌手,也是「秋蟬」原唱者的楊芳儀,也將同台演出。