Vincent E. Thomas/VTDance

Vincent E. Thomas/VTDance

Thursday, January 8, 2015 . 7PM
Vincent E. Thomas
Vincent E. Thomas/VTDance photo by Maria Falconer

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Vincent E. Thomas/VTDance explores the intimate yet public space of a café booth and the profound writings of James Baldwin and several other African American writers and poets.

Thomas writes,

“I hope to explore the aspects of place/sacred spaces and time that has an impact on writing. How many writers/poets find or found inspiration in a café booth, on napkins, table cloths, manuscript paper or other surfaces? I imagine selected portions of narratives, prose, poetry and song will be incorporated with dance/movement in an intimate setting.”

A special preview performance will be presented during the company’s residency at Joe’s, giving audience members an opportunity to ask questions about the work and engage in formative conversations as the piece continues to be developed.