OperaTerps: Dido and Aeneas


Dido and Aeneas
January 31 & February 1, 2015
Principal People: 

Dido Hayley Tevelow

Aeneas Carl Hengen

Belinda Amanda Staub

Second Woman Hayley Abramowitz

Sorceress Adia Evans

Witch 1 Anna Mendham

Witch 2 Julianne Kim

Sailor Caleb Lee

Music Director Daniel Hopkins

Artistic Director Carlos Howard

Stage Director Emily Riley

Principal Coach Ruth Bright

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Presented By

Presented By: 

UMD's first undergraduate-run opera company presents a fully-staged production of Purcell's Dido and Aeneas featuring singers and instrumentalists from the School of Music.

OperaTerps is an student-run organization that gives undergraduate musicians at the University of Maryland the opportunity to participate in a major musical undertaking while enriching cultural life on the university campus and in the College Park community. Those involved will gain valuable experience directing, producing, conducting and performing to apply to their future professional careers while student and local audiences will benefit from the enhanced musical life on campus.

Preview by The Diamondback

Watching OperaTerps perform, even in the rehearsal stage, is akin to watching an indefatigable artisan work tirelessly to create something beautiful. From fixing the most subtle staccato to perfecting stage movement to making sure the evil spirits look comically evil, the group takes pride in the details that buttress Purcell’s opera and the libretto that accompanies it.

DANIELLE OHL, The Diamondback, January 30, 2015