MFA Dance Thesis Concert

MFA Dance Thesis Concert

Projects for the Living & Not Leading Lady Material
March 12 & 13, 2015 . 7:30PM
MFA Spring Dance Thesis Concert
MFA Spring Dance Thesis Concert

Event Attributes

Estimated Length: 
2 hours including intermission
Program Notes: 
Projects for the Living

Robin Neveu Brown, choreographer

In Projects for the Living, the audience is set loose in a dark and decaying cabaret theatre where the dance folds into and emerges out of shadowy corners, kicking up the dust of memories. A peculiar collection of objects, people, creatures, and stories is on display. This cabinet of curiosities is left open, allowing for the audience's intuition, crafting the event into a deeply personal experience.

Working together, audience and performers construct and deconstruct this world, choosing what stays and what goes, and shaping a truly unforgettable performance experience.

Not Leading Lady Material

Megan Morse Jans, choreographer

Not Leading Lady Material is a one-woman, cabaret-style performance that takes the audience on an interweaving journey through personal narrative, song and dance. A richly intimate portrait of identity, motherhood, otherness and silence, the work incorporates themes of social and political disruption and an array of suggestive, cross-period apparel.

Stylistically rooted in the traditions of early cabarets, the performance explores the avant-garde nature and function of that art form while challenging traditional concert format. Intended for mature audiences only.