Imagine Art House

Imagine Art House

September 10 & 11, 2015 . 6-10PM
Art House
Illustration courtesy of MSR Design

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We think art house is what’s next in hip dining and performing arts in College Park but we want to know what YOU think. We imagine art house as a community-minded venue that will feature a lively lineup of artistic voices from The Clarice’s national and international Artist Partner Program, emerging talent from UMD’s School of Music and School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies and UMD students as well as local art makers from College Park and its surrounding communities. In a project funded by UMD's Partnership for Action Learning in Sustainability program (PALS), UMD Architecture Students have imagined their art houses too and their work will be displayed as inspiration for the future.

As the first creative space of its kind, art house is the invention of The Clarice and Philadelphia’s MilkBoy. With a dedication and devotion to quality food and drink, MilkBoy serves the best in fresh food, delicious brews and chilled and hot crafted cocktails. With arts, food and fun as catalysts, can art house bridges the campus and College Park?