The Future of the Field: Latino Dance Companies, Theatres and Museums

DeVos Institute of Arts Management

The Future of the Field: Latino Dance Companies, Theatres and Museums
Tuesday, April 21, 2015 . 4PM
The Future of the Field: Latino Dance Companies, Theaters and Museums
Principal People: 

Curator and Moderator; Artistic Director, Cornerstone Theater (Los Angeles, CA) Michael John Garcés

Executive Director, El Museo del Barrio (New York, NY) Jorge Daniel Veneciano

Artistic Director, INTAR Theatre (New York, NY) Louis Moreno

Artistic Director of the Milagro Theatre (Portland, OR) Olga Sánchez

Founder and Executive Director, El Museo Latino (Omaha, NE) Magdalena A. García

Co-Founder and Resident Composer, CONTRA-TIEMPO Urban Latin Dance Theater (Los Angeles, CA) César Alvarez

Co-Founder, Co-Artistic Director & Choreographer, Versa-Style Dance Company (Los Angeles, CA) Jackie Lopez

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1 hour and 15 minutes

In a time of dynamic demographic growth of Latinos in the United States, intensely politicized debates about immigration and documentation, and an increasingly militarized border, The Future of the Field: Latino Dance Companies, Theatres, and Museums will investigate the current challenges of, and opportunities for, Latino arts organizations in the United States.

Curated and moderated by Michael John Garcés, the Artistic Director of Cornerstone Theater Company in Los Angeles, California, the panel will explore the sustainability and future capacity of Latino arts organizations with leading practitioners in the field. Topics of conversation will include: How do these leaders define their vision for serving and representing a rapidly evolving, extremely diverse constituency? How have they dealt with generational change and transition? What does it mean to explore hybrid forms and cross-cultural exchange while still maintaining a core, culturally specific identity? And crucially, what is the relevance of, and need for, Latino organizations in the field today?

This discussion is the second installment of the DeVos Institute’s Diversity in the Arts series which will investigate the challenges facing organizations of color operating in the United States today, with a specific focus on African American and Latino theatre companies, dance companies, and museums.

Diversity in the Arts marks the launch of the DeVos Institute of Arts Management’s Future of the Arts series dedicated to exploring the greatest issues of concern to the future of the arts.