Common Tone: AMPLIFIED

Common Tone: AMPLIFIED

Sunday, April 19, 2015 . 7PM
rogue collective
rogue collective
Principal People: 

rogue collective

Violin Kaitlin Moreno

Violin Alexa Cantalupo

Viola Shabria Ray

Cello Erin Snedecor

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Presented By: 

Performed with bold visual projections, AMPLIFIED is a dynamic program featuring the collaboration of electronic music and acoustic instrumentation through original compositions and contemporary classical music. The program features Steve Reich's "Different Trains" and original compositions by members of rogue collective.

Based in the Washington DC area, rogue collective explores "the gap" between classical music and its culture, and other major art mediums through new collaboration, original composition, improvisation and performance. As members of the newest generation of classically trained musicians, rogue collective believes in the power of collaboration and unconventional programming to help to bring the sounds, expressions and timbres of classical music to more audiences, including the audience of our own generation.


  • Underwater Pipes (2014)
    Created and Improvised by Alexa Cantalupo
  • Cities (2015)
    Created and performed by Kait Moreno and Erin Snedecor
  • Clouded Yellow (2010)
    Composed by Michael Gordon
  • Snow Garden (2015)
    Created and Improvised by Alexa Cantalupo
  • Different Trains (1988)
    ​Steve Reich

The Common Tone series is sponsored in part by Michael Ross Goldman, BM Bassoon ’09.

Common Tone connects young artists and the community through creative musical experiences in your neighborhood. Our events abandon traditional concert ritual, celebrate curiosity, explore the senses and encourage your participation.