Alumni Play Commissioning Project: Shh! Library After Hours

Alumni Play Commissioning Project

Shh! Library After Hours
September 10 & 11, 2015 . 7 & 9PM
Riley Bartlebaugh, Mariel Berlin-Fischler, Natalie Ann Piegari
Riley Bartlebaugh, Mariel Berlin-Fischler & Natalie Ann Piegari
Principal People: 

Playwright Riley Bartlebaugh

Playwright Mariel Berlin-Fischler

Playwright Natalie Ann Piegari

Director Jenna Duncan

Stage Manager Cindy King

Actor Frank Cevarich

Actor Chris Lane

Actor Anna Lynch

Actor Jenay Naima

The Clarice is dedicated to educating and presenting the next generation of artists and creative innovators. In this exploration, the Clarice commissioned three emerging playwrights and recent graduates of the School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies to write three short, site-specific plays to be performed in the Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library. The plays will be performed by an acting troupe also made up of alumni and will be directed by Jenna Duncan.

  • The Librarian’s Story: A Campus Tale by Riley Bartlebaugh
    A story about attraction, right and wrong.
  • The Relationship Classification System by Mariel Berlin-Fischler (Dramaturg: Felicity Brown)
    A fantastical comedy about workplace relationships and getting what you want. Sort of.
  • Unbound by Natalie Piegari
    A ghost story. Sometimes the real world and the beyond collide, after the library closes.