AFRIFIMO Awards 2015

AFRIFIMO Awards 2015

The Hallmark of African Entertainment
Friday, October 2, 2015 . 5PM
Principal People: 

Host Daniel K Daniel

Hostess Roselyn Ngissah

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Presented By: 

The AFRIFIMO AWARDS was conceived to reward deserving Africans and all people of African descent in the film and music industry all over the world who have made significant progress in the entertainment industry, bringing forth flora and fauna of Africa.

The AFRIFIMO AWARDS & Film/Music Festival (AAFMF) is the the biggest annual African film/music awards and festival of its kind, and it is to show great appreciation to the talent of individuals in both the film & music industry, and showcase their talent as well as our culture as Africans, and all people of African descent.

The AFRIFIMO AWARDS & Film/Music Festival educates individuals from all over the world on independent film and music and celebrates actors, actresses, musicians, singers, producers, film directors, editors, sound technicians, cinematographers, dancers, poets (dramatic), make-up artists and more.