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UMD Women's Chorus
UMD Men's Chorus

Words and Music: Choral Music Inspired by Great Poets
Sunday, November 16, 2014 . 3PM
UMD Women's Choir photo by Alison Harbaugh
Principal People: 

Conductor, UMD Women's Chorus Kenneth Elpus

Assistant Conductor, UMD Women's Chorus Ianthe Marini

Conductor, UMD Men's Chorus Greg Graf

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The poem is the muse of the choral composer; excellent choral music exists as the composer’s musical reaction to a text already imbued by the poet with deep emotional meaning and artistic sensitivity.

In this concert, the UMD Women’s Chorus and UMD Men’s Chorus explore settings of exquisite poetry by composers of the classical, Romantic, and contemporary eras. Featuring music by Debussy, Whitacre, Halley, Elgar and others set to poetry of Tennyson, Verlaine, Austen, and more.