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By Jack Perla and Rob Bailis



by Derrick Wang

New Works Reading Series
Friday, February 14, 2014 . 7:30PM
Maryland Opera Studio
Maryland Opera Studio photo by Cory Weaver
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This event was originally scheduled for Friday, February 14.

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with the allure and passion of opera. In this concert, first-year Maryland Opera Studio students perform partially staged— but fully dramatic — new works for opera.

In Love/Hate by Jack Perla and Rob Bailis, a couple at a bus stop lives through all the reasons they have for never meeting.

What happens when Supreme Court justices go before a Higher Power? In this comic opera inspired by Supreme Court opinions, Justices Ginsburg and Scalia must pass through three cosmic trials to secure their freedom. The catch: they may have to agree on the Constitution. Derrick Wang’s Scalia/Ginsburg is a valentine to law and opera, where the law’s leading players go toe-to-toe and trill-to-trill in a (gentle) parody of operatic proportions. Opinions will be offered. Dissents will be delivered. And justice will be sung.

Program subject to change.

Preview by ABA Journal

Wang says he did his best to give musical life to the justices’ words, describing Scalia’s writing style as vivid and inspiring in contrast with Ginsburg’s more lyrical prose. Wang says he intertwined music and law in Scalia/Ginsburg, utilizing 'operatic precedent' to ensure the context of each scene’s legal opinions were reflected in a similar musical style and era.

– L. JAY JACKSON, ABA Journal, December 1, 2013