Chinese World Champion: Kungfu Wushu Show

Chinese World Champion

Kungfu Wushu Show
Sunday, May 18, 2014 . 7:30PM
Kungfu Wushu
Image provided by Confucius Institute at UMD
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Performers: Huang Yingqi, Liang Yongda, Shi Longlong, Wu Xiaolong, Shi ZhonghaiZhang Yaowen, Gao Xiaobin, Zhuang Yingying, Chen Huiying, Kan Wencong, Zhang Mei, Amy Li, Lucy Li, Emily Fan, Wesley Huie, Dominic Chow, Mia Tian, Jason Zhao, Lei Fan and more!

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2 hours

It’s a shame you think you’ve seen Kungfu…

So maybe you've seen The Matrix. Or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Maybe even Kungfu Panda. You've probably even seen a Bruce Lee or Jet Li movie, and you may even know a Kungfu practitioner.

But have you really seen real, live, Kungfu? Apparently, most of us haven't. So the world's top professional Kungfu athletes and masters are invited to show what real Kungfu is.

Featuring high-flying action, breathtaking fighting routines, masterful wielding of deadly weapons, mesmerizing fluidity and grace of an award winning Tai Chi performance, this top caliber event will spare nothing in providing a taste of the wonder behind Kungfu. Witness action you've only seen in movies, come to life. No wires. Promise.

Be amazed by the power, precision and grace of Wushu will be and come share an experience of a lifetime. Do not miss your chance to witness a historic event that will once and for all answer the question, what is Wushu?