For and In Behalf Of

For and In Behalf Of

December 10-12, 2014
Principal People: 

Conceived by Allan Davis

Director Jessica Krenek

Event Attributes

For and In Behalf Of reflects on a unique Mormon ritual: proxy baptisms for the dead.

Critics of the practice condemn it as a violation of the memory of the dead but, for Mormons, the ritual produces agency for the deceased. Combining storytelling, oration, and movement to foster understanding of this ritual, we are all asked to ruminate on what we each do with the memories of our deceased loved ones.

A TDPS Second Season Production.

Article by The Diamondback

Can theatre be more than just art? For and In Behalf Of…informs audiences about the Mormon practice of baptism after death in order to open a grander narrative about life, death, the past and the way we learn about religion.

DANIELLE OHL, The Diamondback, December 11, 2014