UMD Gamelan Saraswati and UMD Koto Ensemble

UMD Koto Ensemble
UMD Gamelan Saraswati

Friday, December 7, 2012 . 8PM
UMD Gamelan Saraswati
UMD Galelan Saraswati
Principal People: 

Director, UMD Koto Ensemble Kyoko Okamoto

Director, UMD Gamelan Saraswati Nyoman Suadin

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Estimated Length: 
90 minutes, including intermission
Program Notes: 

The quiet beauty, simplicity and harmonizing effect of Japanese nature are revealed in the music of the UMD Koto Ensemble.

Then the complex interlocking rhythms of Balinese music on percussive instruments, the myriad expressions and the delicate motions of Balinese dance unite in the UMD Gamelan Saraswati.