MDE: Breath, Rhythm, Flight


Breath, Rhythm, Flight
November 30 - December 1, 2012
Principal People: 

Director Alvin Mayes

Event Attributes

Program Notes: 

This first of two Maryland Dance Ensemble concerts during the season focuses on the cutting-edge visions of dance faculty members Alvin Mayes, Sharon Mansur, Sara Pearson and Patrik Widrig; visiting artist Adriane Fang; and guest choreographer Susan Marshall.

Preview byThe Gazette

Unlike concerts choreographed by one person or a team with a single vision, “Breath, Rhythm, Flight” is a collection of unrelated work.

... "There’s a very diverse group of choreographers,” [Adriane] Fang says. “When there are different people, there are really, really different points of view ... somebody will walk away from the concert having areas of their brain and creative souls and their blood ... stirred.”

– Cara Hedgepeth, The Gazette, November 21, 2012