Dance Exchange: Straight to Source, Part 1

Dance Exchange

Straight to the Source, Part One
Monday, December 10, 2012 . 7PM
Sarah Levitt
Sarah Levitt photo by Zachary Handler

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Dance Exchange Artistic Director Cassie Meador and Resident Artist Sarah Levitt will collaborate with participants to create movement, text and song drawn from personal stories, current events and physical explorations.

Part I will include a performance of two Dance Exchange works followed by a movement workshop with the company. The performance is open to the public with no advance reservations required; participants in the movement workshop will register in advance and commit to both Part I on December 10 and Part II on December 11.

Both parts of this performance/workshop series will offer a first-hand glimpse into Dance Exchange’s process of generating, crafting and performing material that uses the body as a resource for expression, discovery and questioning.​