Canceled: ETHEL and Todd Rundgren: Producing Live Recordings

ETHEL and Todd Rundgren

An Inside Look at Producing Live Recordings
ETHEL with Todd Rundgren
ETHEL photo by James Ewing (Inset of Todd Rundgren)
Special Announcement: 

This event has been cancelled due to the forecasted impact of Hurricane Sandy.

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Presented By: 

ETHEL and Todd Rundgren will give a seminar/discussion on the process of creating live recordings.

Both ETHEL and Rundgren draw from a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area, and they share their thoughts on the challenges and possibilities therein — from the practicalities of editing and mixing to the applications of live tracks in commercial and not-for-profit contexts.

This session is run as an open forum where audience members are encouraged to ask questions and contribute their own observations.