Cafritz Foundation Theatre: Technical Specifications

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  • Rep light plot: PDF

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Item Measurement
Venue floor approximately 50' x 35'
Total usable area 1,565 sq ft
Grid height 18'


Venue floor is 4’x8’ pale Masonite.


Small sound reinforcement options such as CD/iPod playback or a speaker at a lectern are possible. Note that the maximum number of sound inputs is limited to 12.

Microphone inventory is shared with other spaces throughout the Center and is dependent on availability. Clear-com is available at multiple points throughout the venue.


The Cafritz Theatre has a static light plot that cannot be rehung or refocused. Further control is available from an ETC Element console located in the tech booth.

A reception lighting look is available that includes: color and no-color washes covering the entire floor; specials for a podium, food tables, and bar; wall slashes; and gobo effects.


  • There is no additional inventory available for this space.
  • Refocusing of the light plot requires approval of the Technology Shop Manager. Please contact your Production Coordinator with any questions.


  • Rep light plot: PDF
  • Paperwork available upon request.


There is no permanently installed projector equipment in the Cafritz Theatre. Video and projection equipment is shared with other spaces throughout and is dependent on availability.