Clove Actor Profile: Samara Brown


Today we highlight our final actor profile, Samara Brown, who plays the role of Starr in UMD TDPS’ Clove, running through this weekend! Playing Starr was an intensely personal experience for Samara, who opened up to us about a traumatic experience in high school, extricating herself from a troubled relationship. “When I was about 14, I had a boyfriend that constantly threatened he would commit suicide if we ever broke up,” says Samara of the emotions she drew on and brought to her character. “This was a very intense and emotional part of my life, and oftentimes I struggled with the feelings of guilt surrounding the idea of breaking up with him. So in that sense, I relate to my character, Starr, and the inner turmoil that she goes through.” Samara drew on her personal experience and wrote a powerful original monologue for her character, translating a personal experience into a community one and releasing guilt from the past. She says, “I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to do so, because this was such a great emotional outlet for me.”

We asked Samara about Paige Hernandez’s guidance through this process, and she says, “From day one, I was extremely impressed and fascinated with Paige Hernandez. Not only is she extremely talented and gorgeous, she has a brilliant mind!...Paige is amazing and I could only dream to work with her again!”

Samara also spoke to us about what she hopes audiences will takeaway from Clove. She hopes they leave with a sense of the power and importance of community. She says, “In the times that we live in, where everyone is divided in so many ways — politically, racially, sexually, etc —  it is important that we still connect and support each other because at the end of the day we are all part of one enormous community, and that is the human race.”

We couldn’t agree more, Samara. We applaud your courage and transparency in sharing your personal experiences through your art!