Clove Actor Profile: Radcliffe Adler

It’s opening night for UMD TDPS’ production of Clove, and today we’re excited to share a profile on senior theatre major, Radcliffe Adler, who plays Clove’s main character, Sam Miller. Radcliffe tells us about Sam, who is a non-binary, transgender person and says, “My character serves as a vehicle to portray invisible issues the queer and trans community struggle with everyday.” Like all of the cast members in one way or another, Rad deeply identifies with his character and wrote an original  monologue for Sam about longing, particularly the longing for familial love, based on his own experiences. 

Rad graduates in May and plans to focus on theatre that builds up the queer community. “I want to break convention, really feel like part of a community, and build community,” he says. “The queer community sometimes suffers and can be pretty divisive. It would be really something special if I could use theatre to bring people together.”

You are off to a great start, Rad! We look forward to seeing you break convention in tonight’s opening performance!