Clove Actor Profile: Kyle Starling

UMD TDPS’ Clove opens tomorrow, and today we’re highlighting cast member and sophomore theatre major, Kyle Starling, who tells us about his character, Eli, and his experience preparing for the show. 

Eli is main character Sam’s best friend and confides in Sam about his struggles with identity and what it’s like to be a black, gay male in America.

Kyle opened up about the personal nature of the role. He shared a story about the voicemail his mom left him after he came out, telling him she loved him and that it was okay. While he feels incredibly grateful to be supported by his mom, he recognizes that not everyone experiences that same acceptance and acknowledges how hard it can be in life and for characters in Clove. “It’s hard to see, but it’s honest,” he says. Asked about the importance of his role, he says, “most of all I want to contribute honesty — honesty and authenticity.” 

Kyle has amazing advice for audiences preparing to experience this powerful show, “Come with an open mind, be prepared to laugh and cry, and leave with questions...that can or cannot be answered.”

Thanks for your contribution, Kyle. We can’t wait to see you on stage!