Jane Hirshberg

Assistant Director of Campus and Community Engagement

Jane Hirshberg is Assistant Director of Campus and Community Engagement at The Clarice. In her work at The Clarice, she maintains relationships with a variety of people on and around the campus to launch collaborations with an openness to ideas that can enrich participation on multiple levels in arts-based activities.

Jane worked in various capacities, including Partnerships Director and Managing Director, at Liz Lerman Dance Exchange for 13 years before moving to The Clarice in August 2011. Prior to that, she was manager of the Culture in Community Fund at the New England Foundation for the Arts after her work for several years at The Music Hall, a multi-disciplinary arts presenting organization in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Jane has served as a panelist for grant reviewing in many parts of the country and enjoys talking and writing in various forums about community building through the arts. Long ago, she was a professional musician in New York, favoring chamber music because it provided collaboration and co-creation opportunities. Jane lives in Catonsville, MD with her family and numerous pets, and enjoys trail-running and bonfires.

What is your favorite part about working at The Clarice?

I am inspired by all of the brilliance that I am surrounded by here. From my colleagues on staff to the gifted faculty members to the amazing students and the extraordinary artists, the working environment is astoundingly great.