Audition Information

Photo by Geoff Sheil

Audition Instructions

Wind, String and Harp applicants are expected to perform a live audition. Exceptions will be made for applicants that live more than 100 miles from their closest audition site. NOI will now accept video auditions from wind, string, and harp applicants if they live more than 100 miles from the closest audition location.

Live auditions will be approximately 10 minutes in length and will be performed without accompaniment. Audition appointments are limited and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Walk-in auditions are accepted at each site only if space is available.

Percussion applicants must submit a video audition.

To register for a live or video audition, please visit our Apply page.  

Audition Repertoire

Audition Schedule

A list of individual audition times will be posted approximately one week prior to the audition date. Applicants can find their assigned audition time, once posted, by clicking on the appropriate date. You will receive an email when the audition times have been posted here.

Stay tuned!  Our 2019 audition schedule will be posted soon!