NOI Auditions at The Kaufman Center - February 22, 2018

Kaufman Music Center - February 22, 2018

129 W 67th Street
New York, NY 10023

Auditions will be held in Ann Goodman Recital Hall
Warm-up in Rooms 414 and 415

As a courtesy to others, you may only occupy the reserved warm-up room(s) 20 minutes prior to your assigned audition time. Please see the warm-up room assignments upon arrival.

We are still accepting audition appointments for this location.  Please fill out an application form if you would like to schedule an audition for this location.


Audition Time Full Name Instrument
3:30 PM Hyunjung Lim Oboe
3:40 PM Kristen Lauria Clarinet
3:50 PM Sarah Shin Flute
4:00 PM Ethan Shrier Trombone
4:10 PM Daniel Chan Bass
4:20 PM Brandon Cazden Tuba
4:30 PM Harper Randolph Viola
4:50 PM Kenneth Chauby Trumpet
5:00 PM Jung Woo Lee Clarinet
5:10 PM Jeremt Ryan Trumpet
5:20 PM Pablo O'Connell Oboe
5:30 PM Emily Doveala Cello
5:40 PM Kiku Ono Cello
5:50 PM Wyatt Beekman Oboe
6:10 PM Melissa Hagstedt Trombone
6:20 PM JingPing He Flute
6:30 PM Stephanie Fritz Horn
6:40 PM Ning Zhang Clarinet
6:50 PM Jonathan Cosme Clarinet
7:00 PM Tristan Baban Bassoon
7:10 PM Phaik Tzhi Chua Violin
7:30 PM Sydney Lusby Clarinet
7:40 PM Cheryl Fries Bassoon
7:50 PM Eli Pandolfi Horn
8:00 PM Jonathan Cosme Clarinet
8:10 PM Johnny Weizenecker Violin