Photo by Dylan Singleton

With EnCue (formerly Octava), let our performers and UMD musicologist Robert Lintott guide you through concerts by providing musical commentary and historical perspective right at the moment it occurs in the music. Easy and unobtrusive to read in low lighting, EnCue is a new and exciting free app for iOS and Android. Through EnCue, the NOI musicians on-stage will share performance insights and perspectives on their interpretations of each piece in real-time. After the concert, you can discuss these with the musicians themselves in the SPARK! Lounge. EnCue will guide your listening and act as a musical translator through explaining the narratives, historical contexts and musical structures contained in each piece. Visit the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store to download.


EnCue will be enabled at the July 1, 2017 - Festival Finale at the 2017 National Orchestral Institute + Festival.