Enhance Your Concert Experience with EnCue!


Photo by Dylan Singleton

Deepen your orchestral concert experience with program notes personally delivered to you at their exact moment of insight. This free app for your phone or tablet provides musical commentary and historical perspective right at the moment it occurs in the music!

Read insights from the performers on stage while they are playing. NOI+F joins esteemed orchestras such as the Baltimore Symphony and the Royal Philharmonic in its usage of EnCue. The app is easy to use and unobtrusive to read in low lighting. EnCue is available on both iOS and Android and will be enabled on all NOI+F Main Stage concerts.

Download EnCue in the iTunes App Store or Google Play store!

  1. Once you have installed the app, open it and touch "SKIP" to go to the home screen.
  2. Touch "Explore Performances" which will take you to a city list. Scroll down to "College Park" and touch to open.
  3. Download the notes, and touch "View Performance."
  4. Be sure that the "SYNC" button in the lower left is green. You may page through the notes, but then you will see the button changes to "NO SYNC." Touch the button again to re-sync with the performance once it begins.

You can watch the concert on your computer, and at the same time will view the EnCue notes in your mobile phone. The EnCue notes will change automatically in sync with the music.