Sphinx Orchestral Futurist Fellowship

Partnership with The Sphinx Organization

In partnership with The Sphinx Organization, the National Orchestral Institute + Festival will offer a nationally unique artistic and performance fellowship that combines administration, orchestral performance, festival curation, and community engagement.

Each fellowship recipient will work with the Director of the National Orchestral Institute on the planning, recruitment, and execution of NOI+F over a thirteen-month period to advance their careers as orchestral musicians and provide a creative platform for shaping the orchestra of the future.

As part of The Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, NOI+F is building the future of the arts by educating, training and presenting the next generation of artists and creative innovators.

The Orchestral Futurist fellowship provides a launching pad for The Sphinx Organization’s most talented musicians, and ensures that together, both organizations further advance the power of diversity in the arts.

About the Fellowship

The fellowship recipient will be accepted by application and chosen jointly by NOI+F and The Sphinx Organization. Following their first summer at the institute, they will begin a yearlong artistic and administrative collaboration with the Director of NOI+F and staff of the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center to plan the following summer’s festival.NOI Orchestral Futurist Fellowship


As musicians of extemporary talent, each fellow will receive orchestral leadership assignments during their two summers at NOI+F, performing as principal players in one or more concerts. They will be section leaders in the conductorless chamber orchestras and participate fully in all seminars, masterclasses, and sectionals.

Administrative Training

The fellow will receive real-world arts administration experience as they work with the Director of NOI+F to provide creative input on shaping future seasons of the festival. The fellow will be an important voice in helping recruit and choose festival participants and will assist the faculty and director with national auditions.

Each fellow will be mentored by The Clarice’s management team to gain additional perspectives in the field of arts administration, including the areas of development, marketing, finance, community engagement, production, and entrepreneurship.Download Information Sheet

Community Engagement

The fellows will work directly with the Campus and Community Engagement Manager at The Clarice to create meaningful interactions between NOI+F performers and the local community. Each fellow will design and implement one concert in The Clarice’s surrounding community.

Application Information

The Orchestral Futurist fellowship is a 13-month program running June 1, 2017 to July 1, 2018. In addition to attending two consecutive summers at NOI+F (2017 and 2018), the fellowship requires two one-week retreats where the fellow will be in residence at The Clarice to work with the Director of NOI+F and The Clarice’s management staff.

The fellow will work remotely with general responsibilities ranging from 10-12 hours per month, excluding participation in the festival and the two residencies. The fellowship provides a monthly stipend of $300, tuition remission from NOI+F, domestic travel, and housing during the festival and retreats.

Application Procedure

Deadline: TBA


  • All applicants must be 18 years of age or older, and be an alumni of The Sphinx Organization.
  • Applicants must upload their resume and response to the following essay question:

Imagine you could create the symphony orchestra of the future. Describe what it would look like, its role in society, and its connection to the community.

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