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About the Partnership

A creative partnership with MilkBoy  Philadelphia and The Clarice,  MilkBoy ArtHouse will be a local crossroads for dynamic entertainment, social gathering and creative dining.  The only campus-community arts venue of its kind in the nation, MilkBoy ArtHouse is where Emerging Art and Pop Culture collide and where campus and community come together to celebrate!

The home-grown design of MilkBoy ArtHouse was inspired by UMD students and community through a series of community "Think-a-thons" that envisioned an enlivened College Park of the future.  Graduate scenic design students from UMD's own School of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies also assisted in the thoughtfully chosen colors, furnishings and lighting to provide the perfect setting to absorb artistic experiences.

Experience the partnership in action as the restaurant opens and a full slate of performances begin in the fall.

What to Expect From Your MilkBoy ArtHouse Experience

MilkBoy ArtHouse is a performance venue, restaurant and craft bar where the campus and community can gather, connect and explore.  MilkBoy ArtHouse's intimate urban hangout will offer a fresh take on contemporary cool where residents and students all feel at home.

This inspired new venue will feature performance spaces and an art gallery in a friendly setting with varied cuisine and boundary-breaking artists including UMD's own students, staff, faculty and alumni.  MilkBoy ArtHouse will nourish imagination and ignite the creative impulse that will shape the future of the performing arts on our campus and in our community.

Consistently eclectic, MilkBoy ArtHouse's top-quality entertainment will range from contemporary, global pop, indie rock and jazz to world music and things that defy categorization!

Join the MilkBoy ArtHouse Team!

Do you want to be part of the MilkBoy ArtHouse team? Milkboy ArtHouse is hiring now. 
Other job inquiries should be sent to Please include a resume.