OperaTerps: The Impresario and Moore's Gallantry

Opera Terps

The Impresario and Moore's Gallantry
January 30 & 31, 2016

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2 hours including intermission

OperaTerps explores overconfidence and uncertainty by juxtaposing Mozart’s comic singspiel The Impresario with Douglas Moore’s parody soap opera Gallantry. Will the self-absorbed Madame Silberklang win her audition? Will the love-struck Dr. Gregg get his way with Nurse Lola? Find out as OperaTerps exposes the character flaws brought upon by ambition and desire.

A fully student-run organization, OperaTerps gives undergraduate musicians at the University of Maryland the opportunity to participate in a major self-guided musical undertaking. Participants gain valuable experience directing, producing, conducting and performing, which they in turn apply to their upcoming professional careers.