Team NextNOW Fest



The following students worked with Clarice staff to program and produce NextNOW Fest 2022:

Lauratu Bah
Music Education & Jazz Studies ‘23
Artistic Planning Fellow

Patrick Kirwin
Agriculture ‘23
Artistic Planning Fellow

Maggie Letvin
Studio Art & Immersive Media Design ‘24
Artistic Planning Fellow

Rashonda Lazar
MFA Projection Design ‘24
Artistic Planning Graduate Assistant, Festival Arts


James Jenets
Festival Designer

Heather Reynolds
Assistant Designer
MFA Lighting Design ‘23


Terrence “Terry” Dwyer
Executive Director

Erica Bondarev Rapach
Associate Executive Director 

Megan Pagado Wells
Artistic Planning Program Director, Festival Arts

Tyler Clifford
Senior Artistic Planning Coordinator, Festival Arts

Carlos Howard
Marketing Communications Coordinator

Dylan Rye
Marketing Communications Graduate Assistant

Emily Shallbetter
Guest Experience Coordinator

Kara Wharton
Production Manager


NextNOW Fest is supported by the entire management staff of The Clarice. Click here to view the full Clarice Management Staff listing.


Photo by David Andrews