Ulrich Recital Hall: Technical Specifications

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The capacity of Ulrich Recital Hall is 176.

  • 43 seats house right;
  • 91 seats house center;
  • 42 seats house left;
  • plus two open spaces for wheelchair access.

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Item Measurement
Stage depth 16'6"
Stage width (downstage) 44'
Stage width (upstage) 33'
Height of stage from house floor 2'6"
Wing space, stage right 10' x 12'
Wing space, stage left
(Piano is stored in stage left wing when not in use)
10' x 12'
Total usable stage area 700 sq ft
Total stage capacity 46


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A limited number of sound reinforcement options are available in Ulrich Recital Hall. Basic announcements with a microphone and playback of a CD can be run from the stage manager's panel backstage right. There is no dedicated console or house mix position in the venue.


  • 2 Shure SM58 wireless handheld microphones
  • 1 Shure VLZ1-J1 wireless lavaliere microphone (Only two wireless channels can be used at a time.)
  • 3 Shure SM58 wired handheld microphone
  • 1 Tascam CD player

Acoustic design

Ulrich Recital Hall is an intimate hall designed for lectures, chamber music performances and recordings. It is equipped with acoustic curtains in the rear of the room that can be electronically adjusted to "tune" the room, based on the size and nature of ensemble and nature of the performance.


There is a 4 channel clear-com headset system with panels distributed throughout the space. The main outlets are at backstage right, backstage left and front of house.

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Lighting in the Ulrich Recital Hall is standard white concert lighting. It is made up of a front light wash, a back light wash and a top light wash. Ulrich Recital Hall has a static light plot that cannot be rehung or refocused.

House lights and stage lights are controlled from backstage right.

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There is a permanently installed projector and retractable screen in the recital hall, suited for regular lecture use. Projection input and output is controlled via a remote-control wireless touch pad, docked onstage. The projector is mountedat the rear of the house and projects onto the screen above the stage.


The front projection screen in 180" (7'3" x 13'4"), with a 16:9 aspect ratio. In the down position, the screen hangs 4'7" above the stage and 8' from the downstage lip of the stage.


  • 1 Samsung DVD/VCR player, with composite inputs (located backstage right)
  • 1 Dell Optiplex 980 desktop with monitor, includes Windows 7, PowerPoint, Windows Media Player and DVD/CD drive



Unit Type Quantity

Steinway model "D" 9' concert grand piano with adjustable artist bench
The piano's default location is onstage. It can be moved offstage only with prior arrangement. Please consult with your Production Coordinator.

Adjustable piano chair 1
Musician chairs (padded, straight back) 12
Musician chair (cello) 1
Music stands 20
Lectern 1
3'x3' square foldable table 1
3'x8' rectangular foldable table 2


Dressing Rooms

There is one dressing room with private restroom located stage right. This room is approximately 6' x 7'. Additional public restrooms are located in the surrounding classroom hallways of Tawes Fine Arts Bulding and are accessible by the audience.


A small reception area is located in a hallway on the 2nd floor of Tawes Fine Arts Building, one floor up from Ulrich Recital Hall. This space is booked separately from the recital hall.

Internet access

Guest access to the campus-wide UMD wireless network is available. Wireless access requires an authentication for each device connecting to the internet, available by speaking with your Production Coordinator.

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