School of Theatre, Dance, & Performance Studies Rehearsal Studios

Rever Rehearsal Studio

Rever Rehearsal Studio

Within the theatre and dance rehearsal studios, new work is created, technique is honed, the classics come to life and master teachers inspire and educate.

Theatre Rehearsal Studios

All theatre rehearsal spaces feature a marley floor surface and a mirrored wall (which may be curtained).

  • Theatre Rehearsal Studio (Room 1809): 22.33 feet x 27.5 feet
  • Mulitz-Gudelsky Rehearsal Studio (Room 3730): 39 feet x 26 feet
  • Schoenbaum Rehearsal Studio (Room 3732): 44 feet x 25 feet
  • Rever Rehearsal Studio (Room 3736): 44 feet x 37 feet

Dance Rehearsal Studios

All dance rehearsal spaces feature a sprung floor, marley surface and a mirrored wall (which may be curtained).

  • Choreography Studio (Room 1611): 47 feet x 29 feet
  • Dance Studio 1 (Room 1908): 56.5 feet x 33 feet
  • Dance Studio 2 (Room 1912): 60 feet x 40 feet

More information

For information on rental of School Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies rehearsal space, contact Jocelyn Callister at 301-405-3196 or