Our Student Ambassadors

We're proud to introduce our 2015-2016 Clarice Student Ambassadors! You may see some of these friendly faces representing The Clarice around campus at different fairs or festivals. Don't be afraid to say hi!

Learn about our ambassadors:

Creative Dialogues

Monica Albizo

Sophomore theatre major

"I feel most creative When I need to complete a task in a new, exciting way

Creative Dialogues

Maeve Dunigan

Sophomore journalism major

"I feel most creative when I'm writing an interesting feature news piece."

Creative Dialogues

Jessica Jost

Senior Russian language and CERES dual major

"I feel most creative when working on a Russian translation. There are so many words that you can choose to translate, every persons translation is a little different


Jack Lewis

Sophomore Government & Politics major

"I feel most creative when I am at a Sketchup rehearsal, writing and performing comedy."



David Malamud

Sophomore History and Jewish Studies double major

"I feel most creative when I improv on violin and guitar."


Maryam Outlaw

Sophomore intended English major

"I always feel the most creative after watching a great feel-good movie with a really sweet soundtrack."



Varsha Purswani

First year Graduate Student in Information Systems

"I feel most creative when I am jotting down my thoughts and feelings in my diary."


Griffin Riddler

Sophomore Government & Politics and Economics major

"I feel the most creative when I watch people going about their everyday lives. I like to write, so imagining just how that person's life is unfolding is utterly fascinating to me."


Richmond Wang

Freshman considering Chemical Engineering and Music double major

"I feel the most creative when I listen to different pieces of music and am inspired to move with the music."