NOI+F 2021 Deferral FAQ

When is the deadline to accept my deferred admission to NOI+F 2021?
The deadline to accept your deferral for NOI+F 2021 was Fri, Oct 23, 2020 at 5PM ET.

Do I need to complete the form even if I am not planning on attending NOI+F 2021?
Yes, we ask that you please complete the form with a yes or no answer. This will let us know which positions to audition for the 2021 festival.

What do I have to pay to accept my deferred admission to NOI+F 2021?
You will be required to submit a payment of $100 with the acceptance of your deferred admission to NOI+F 2021. Your $100 non-refundable deposit will count towards your 2021 program fee of $525 due in Spring 2021.

What is the total cost to attend NOI+F 2021?
Please refer to the NOI+F Fees and Housing page for more information. At this moment, we expect fees to remain in line with previous years. The months ahead certainly contain many unknowns but we are committed to maintaining fees as close as possible to our 2020 fees.

Why is the deadline October 1?
The October 1 deadline gives us enough time to hold nationwide auditions for available 2021 positions.

Who is offered deferred admission to NOI+F 2021?
All participants who accepted their position to NOI+F 2020 will be offered admission to NOI+F 2021. All other applicants, including  musicians who were accepted to NOI+F 2020 but declined their invitation, and musicians on the 2020 waitlist will need to re-apply. Guest musicians who participated in the virtual NOI+F at Home program are also required to re-audition. If you are unsure of your status, please contact the NOI+F office at

When and why do I have to submit my seating audition video?
Your seating audition video is due in Spring 2021 along with your program fee. Since a year will have elapsed between your initial audition and NOI+F 2021, your seating video is important to help us understand your playing and assign parts for the 2021 festival.

Why do I have to sign a pledge to attend NOI+F 2021?
Your acceptance to NOI+F 2021 impacts our national auditions, which have to be adjusted accordingly. It is crucial that we have an accurate representation of our orchestral personnel so that we can be transparent with potential 2021 applicants.

What are the dates for NOI+F 2021?
We ask that you reserve May 24-July 1, 2021 for NOI+F events. We have added extra time at the beginning and end of the festival to account for possible health checks and other artistic events that will be announced in September 2020. A more detailed schedule will be available in Spring 2021.

How does the ongoing pandemic affect your planning for 2021?
Safety is our priority. While there is a long time between now and next June, we pledge to be transparent in our planning. We expect to know more about safety protocols in Spring 2021. These protocols will be based on guidance from University of Maryland and Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center administration. We are committed to returning to a safe in-person playing experience for our students, faculty, staff and audiences.

What if I have more questions?
If you have more questions about deferred admission for NOI+F 2021 please contact Austin Sposato, NOI+F Artist Services Coordinator, at