General Information for NOI+F 2021

Information for NOI+F 2021

  1. IN-PERSON: We are planning for an in-person festival for NOI+F 2021. Our 2021 fellows will live in a “pod” during the festival to limit the risk of COVID-19 spread within our community.

  2. HEALTH: Universal masking, distancing, increased surface cleaning and other health precautions will be taken. We are working closely with the University of Maryland Health Center to advise us on protocols. 

  3. HOUSING AND FOOD: All fellows will be required to live in single rooms in University Greek housing. We have rented over seven houses to provide a safe and contained “podded” environment for all NOI+F fellows. All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) will be provided by a catering company cooking out of Greek housing kitchens. Many of the meals will be “grab-and-go” to accommodate distancing and dining safety. Accommodations for different dietary restrictions and choices will be available by request.

  4. COSTS & FINANCIAL AID: The cost for a single room on campus with all meals provided for orchestral fellows is $2,144.The total cost of housing and all meals for the conducting academy is $630. We recognize that the health and safety protocols being required have increased the cost of housing, and we are putting in place financial aid mechanisms to help those that will require help. This not only includes additional scholarship money, but payment plans to assist students and families. As a reminder, all 2020 scholarship offers will be honored for 2021.

  5. PERFORMANCE: To accommodate distancing on stage, we are currently planning for a scenario with two orchestras each week of 40-50 players. We are also working on plans for a stage extension in Dekelboum Concert Hall, the construction of an outdoor venue, or both. 

  6. INSTRUCTION: Faculty and conductors will run masterclasses and sectionals in our largest spaces, and may make use of outdoor spaces. Rehearsal spaces will be equipped with necessary ventilation, air out time, and appropriate numbers of people will be controlled within spaces. 

  7. ONBOARDING AND TESTING: We are planning on a 7-day quarantine period and “onboarding” at the start of the festival for all orchestral fellows. Following State of Maryland protocol, fellows will test out of quarantine with a negative PCR test after the fifth day. Regular testing will occur throughout the festival. Conducting Fellows and Composition Fellows will have a shorter quarantine period before their residency which will be communicated by email.

  8. REPERTOIRE: Some of our 2021 repertoire will have to be altered to fit the two orchestra set up and distancing required on stage. This is being assessed by our artistic team and festival conductors and will be updated in the weeks ahead.

  9. REHEARSAL TIME: It is still unclear how our rehearsal schedule will look under State of Maryland and University guidelines. Rehearsals may need to be shortened, or more frequent breaks may be added to comply with health and safety guidelines. 

  10. HEALTH RESTRICTIONS: We do not know what the COVID-19 spread will look like in June and we cannot predict what the national, state, county and university guidelines will look like for NOI+F 2021 at this point. We are doing our best to be responsive and flexible to the changing landscape to provide an artistically fulfilling in-person experience. We are working closely with our partners at the University of Maryland Health Center to help us design protocols that ensure the safety of our students, faculty and staff.

You may email with questions. You may also schedule a meeting with NOI+F staff to answer questions and address your concerns.