Food at NextNOW Fest

Buredo, Burrito-sized sushi rolls In addition to the regular menus at Applause Café and Encore Bar, enjoy pop-up shops from select local food vendors:

Encore Bar (Grand Pavilion)

Vigilante Coffee

Friday 6-9PM
Saturday 6-8PM

Hot or cold brew coffee
These locally based coffee roasters source their beans directly from farms all over the world, maintaining farm-direct, organic and fair-trade practices whenever possible.

Toli Moli

DC-based Toli Moli is a mother-daughter falooda shop serving Burmese noodles and sweets.

Friday 6-11PM
It’s Falooda Friday! Try this unique, layered dessert, a popular street snack throughout Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Saturday 6-8PM
Enjoy noodle salads and Toli Moli’s Butterfly Limeade, a combination of herbal butterfly pea flower tea and cucumber-mint limeade.


Applause Cafe (Upper Pavilion)


Friday 6-11PM
Saturday 6-8PM

Burrito-sized sushi rolls

Buredo’s handheld, burrito-sized sushi rolls feature globally-inspired ingredients and flavors. Eat your veggies, eat more fish and eat Buredo!